Return Policy
You may cancel your Machine Rental at any time. Contact us via email, phone or chat and let us know you want to cancel.  There is a one time postage fee of $15.  We will charge the card on file and then email you a label to put on the box to return your machine.  Please empty the water chamber.  Include the machine, the case if you have one, the power cord and any manuals.  Drop your box off with Fedex.  The moment we see your tracking number hit Fedex, we will stop all rental billings.
If you wish to cancel your supply subscription, you may do so at any time after the first 90 days. There are no additional fees after the initial 90 days.  You can do this by going into your account and cancelling, or by letting us know via phone, email or chat.   If you wish to cancel within the first 90 days, you will need to pay a $5 postage fee and return the used mask and any unused supplies to us.  We will email you a label to put on a return box. Please include the used mask and any unused supplies.  Then drop the box off any any Fedex location.  Once we see the tracking number, we will stop your Supply Subscription.